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January 31, 2018
  • Our Top Mentoring Tips

    So you’ve just booked in your first mentor session? Well, let me just say, YAY! You won’t regret it. But how can you really get the most out of your session?? Well, here are our top tips for a successful mentor/mentee partnership…

    First of all, CHOOSE CAREFULLY. You may already have a mentor in mind, someone that you really admire, but ask yourself, what do they have to offer that you can really benefit from? At Think BOLD, we’ve tried to cover as many areas as possible with our mentors so that there’s something for every one. We have experts in marketing, finance, law, branding, SEO’s, content creation, product development, ecommerce and so much more.

    Secondly, BE PREPARED. You don’t get hours upon hours with your mentor so it’s important to make the most of the time that you do have. Have questions prepared, a little brief on who you are and what you do. We encourage our mentees to pop in as much information as possible about themselves/their brand in the checkout section of booking so that our mentors have a good grasp on the business and who you are prior to meeting.

    Thirdly, TAKE NOTES. If you’re anything like me, you get so caught up in the moment and in awe of everything that is being said, that the second you get out of a session, you’re left thinking “Oh crap, what was it they said about this?” So take notes so that you can really take as much away from the session as possible.

    Finally, and this might sound funny coming from us, but GO WITH YOUR GUT. While these mentors are incredibly wise and knowledgeable, they are there for guidance and they don’t know your business as well as you do. At the end of the day, its you who has to make the decisions and you who has to live with them. If you receive advice that doesn’t quite line up with your values or just doesn’t feel right, think about what they’ve said, maybe chat to another person about it and then take what you want from it. Having said that, our experts are the best of the best so I’m sure you’d never encounter that problem 😉

    So there you have it! Four quick tips on getting the most out of your session. Now what are you waiting for? Book in today at FIND A MENTOR!