Circle In: I Started a Business When I was 8 Months Pregnant

Emma Stewart, Co Founder of Think BOLD, was recently interviewed by the team at Circle In on juggling business and motherhood.

On managing your career through parental leave…

“While you may not be able to do the same amount of work pre baby, listening to podcasts, reading books and articles in your area of expertise really helps to stay on top of things so that your head is still in the game and you’re learning at the same time…”

On how motherhood has changed her…

“Family is everything to me and although I love business, they will always come first. My husband and I are both in business but we are so passionate about being around for them, especially in the early years, which is why we do what we do. We want the freedom to be able to pick them up from school, be around for sports days and ballet recitals etc. I am really passionate about my husband being as present for them as much as I am. So many dads miss out on a huge chunk of their kids lives so if I have to work a little harder for him to be able to be around more, I will, every time.”

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